Ambrosial Launcher

Ambrosial Launcher is a software that allows users to run modifications for Minecraft: Windows 10/11 Edition, a popular sandbox video game1. According to its GitHub page2, some of its features are:

  1. Server stored modifications: The launcher downloads the latest modifications from the server, ensuring that the users are always up to date.
  2. Download caching: The launcher saves any downloaded modification for future use, minimizing bandwidth and allowing for offline use.
  3. Ease of use: The launcher lets users download and launch new modifications in a single click, without any extra work needed.
  4. Large range of modifications: The launcher has a wide collection of modifications, including some of the users favorites and more.

However, the Ambrosial Launcher project seems to be discontinued as of now3, and it does not support the latest versions of Minecraft: Windows 10/11 Edition3. Users who want to use the launcher may need to find alternative sources or methods to run modifications for the game.

How to Install

  1. Download Ambrosial Launcher .exe from #Official Website
  2. Open Ambrosial Launcher it will show list of available hack client
  3. Now open MC Bedrock with 1.19.71 version then open your Ambrosial Launcher and select Zephyr 1.19.71 and click inject. Happy Hacking

Note: Using hack clients may be risky, as it can get you banned. Therefore, use them at your own discretion and responsibility.


Developer disepi


Update Nov, 18, 2023


Sorry! unfortunately, the developer has deleted this project.